I want to make Wealth Management and Financial Planning fun, because otherwise, you won't want to do it!  I believe that your financial plan and financial resources should align with your personal values.  I also believe that setting concrete and actionable financial goals will make the quest for financial clarity much more achievable.  I will work with you to ensure a fun, productive, and worthwhile relationship.  Below are the services that I offer to help you achieve your desired outcomes:

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Investment Management: Asset Allocation, Portfolio Rebalancing & Tax-Loss Harvesting

401-k, 403-b, Traditional IRA & Roth IRA Recommendations & Optimization

Insurance Coverage Analysis -- Do I Have Enought?  Life, Home, Auto, Umbrella

Student Loan & Consumer Debt pay-Down Strategies

New Home Purchase -- How Much Can I Afford?

Kids -- Can I Afford a Baby?

Budgeting & Cash Flow Management