My philosophy is that wealth management should be accessible to all people, no matter the size of their investment portfolio.  Also, at its core, sound financial planning and investment management is not overly complicated and is mostly simple "blocking and tackling".  I believe that the value in wealth management is primarily derived from having a "financial coach" by your side to serve as a catalyst to overcoming the inertia that prevents most people from developing and executing a wealth management plan.  My job is to encourage and guide you along this process, and make it fun so that you stay engaged!

Ultimately, my pricing philosophy is centered on my goal to offer such a good value proposition that my clients are happy to pay the management fee because they feel that they are getting much more value in return.

I belive that technology and software will allow me to continually automate processes, which I can leverage to keep my costs low and pass those savings to my clients.

We offer several pricing models to clients so they can choose the best option for their personal situation.


Stand-Alone Comprehensive Financial Plan: $800 - $4,000 (dependent upon client complexity)

Holistic Wealth Management: 0.65% of assets under management (AUM) annually

Active Investment Management: 1.00% of assets under management (AUM) annually.